Grow Medicinal Herbs

Teas, potions and compresses are made with medicinal herbs used to treat diseases in humans and animals. Medicinal herbs have a long history of cultivation and can be grown for fun, profit and medical reasons. More than 2,000 herbs are medicinal considered, so research to find herbs that do best in your area and agricultural soil is important for success.

However, most herbs are easy to grow in average, well-drained garden soil. We are well-drained area in the garden that receives at least six hours of sun a day. Some herbs have showy flowers, such as rose, and other sprawl and leggy as mugwort, so plant in a suitable location considering growth habit of each plant.

Grow Medicinal Herbs

Also, if you are planning on frequent harvesting of plant parts, plant closer to your house. Plant herbs with similar watering requirements together. Clean area of all weeds, grasses and rocks and rake area until smooth.

Spread 1 or 2 inch of compost and granulated organic fertilizer at recommended rate over planting area and gently work into top 3 inches of soil. Dig holes for herb plants, leaving enough room for plants to mature without creating competition for sun and nutrients from other plants. If growing from seed, start them in seed trays or cups with drain holes in bottom. Put individual plants in garden after they have two sets of true leaves.

Place plants in ground at same level they were planted in pots or in previous location. Back-fill planting hole with soil, compost and fertilizer mix. Add water to back-fill to eliminate air pockets around plant roots.

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How to Grow Medicinal Herbs

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