Green Christmas Decorations

Part of magic of Christmas comes from transformation of everything that is needed. Buildings and interiors range from simple and ordinary to be extraordinary daily. They shine with lights, colors and decorations.

To go green this holiday season do not have to give up your holiday decor, just be little more aware of how to decorate and what used to brighten your home with magic of holidays. Take stock of decorations you already have on hand. You really need to buy anything new Such measures still look wonderful and tree skirt will do their job very well.

Green Christmas Decorations

Those antique and handmade decorations are beautiful and full of memories. By purchasing less Christmas decorations this year, you are not using up any precious resources that would be needed to create new things. Go natural to go green.

Think of traditional Christmas greenery swags, garlands, wreaths all of these are natural and renewable, and can be composted or chipped after holidays and returned to nature. In addition to traditional evergreens you can add seasonal flowers hyacinth, mimosa, narcissus and amaryllis are all in season during holidays. Red roses are green option if they are grown locally in greenhouses.

Beautiful, natural accents for your decor can also include dried berries, twigs, and small logs. You can also incorporate fresh apples, oranges and other fruits and nuts into incredible, edible decorations. Get real tree.

Unless you already have fake tree that you use over and over again, real trees are greenest choice. Real trees are grown on farms and are grown to be cut, and new trees are planted in their place. Fake trees are filled with plastic, PVC and harsh chemicals.

They give off toxic gases when new and they cannot be recycled. Real trees are greenest, most sustainable, eco-friendly choice, especially when you buy them from local tree farm and recycle them after holidays. Switch out your incandescent light bulbs for energy saving LEDs.

Regular light bulbs generate heat and up to 90 percent of energy they use goes to producing that heat. LEDs burn bright and cool, using 80 percent less energy than regular incandescent bulb and they last around 20 years. They might cost little more than regular bulbs but in one season you can see energy savings and that will make up for extra expense to purchase them.

For outdoor lighting go ultra green and purchase solar powered LED light strands. Check out for solar LEDs. Light up soy and beeswax candles.

Traditional candles are made from paraffin wax which is petroleum based product. All natural soy and beeswax candles are made from renewable and sustainable materials they burn cleaner and are better for you.

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