Give Photograph as Gift

Photos are one of items of personal use can be given to mark special occasion. Presentation is very important for this type of gift. You can easily put together image as gift for events, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and retirement parties.

Choose photo that has sentimental meaning. Giving his best friend image of two laughing at amusement park is great memory that represents bond they share. photo of little league team her husband raise their championship trophy would be good addition to your office.

Give Photograph as Gift

Framing snapshot of your parents dancing at wedding is touching gift ffor milestone anniversary. Wait appropriate amount of time before giving photo of someone who has died. All people grieve differently, and there is no set timetable.

Get feel for how your uncle has been doing in year since his wife died before you start working on picture of him and your aunt on their last Valentine’s Day together. Consider personality involved if you’re mulling giving photo that is embarrassing. Some people with self-deprecating humor or who are very secure might get kick out of picture depicting their fall with can of paint, others might not find it amusing.

Also, pictures with adult content should be big red flag. Have professional take picture if you’re unsure of your competence as photographer. Say you want to give your nephew nice photo of mountains in his home state because he’s feeling little homesick at college.

If you can’t get shot framed nicely, hire pro to handle it. Decide how large photo should be. bridal portrait is typically hung over fireplace mantel or in high-traffic area, so your photo is going to be enlarged in area of 3 feet by 5 feet.

8 1/2-by-11 inch picture is appropriate for frame of your father holding prized trout he caught. pair of 4-by-6 inch snapshots would make good gift for mother of twins on their first birthday.

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