Give Emotional Support to Cancer Patients

Many people avoid visiting or calling cancer patient, they simply do not know what to say or how to act. Cancer can be like invisible barrier in middle of relationship. This translates into friend or loved one feel guilty for not being there during their time of need, and cancer patient isolated and lonely feeling.

can offer emotional support without fear of making your friend feel worse following some common sense guidelines. Invite person to go somewhere with you or just spend time together. Many people fail to call or visit sick person with excuse that they do not want to disturb person during this difficult time.

Give Emotional Support to Cancer Patients

Cancer can be lonely disease person might have her family nearby to offer support, but often patient needs someone else for visit, lunch date or movie, just to feel normal again. It can be like breath of fresh air. Listen to cancer patient with open heart and mind – and closed mouth.

Often, patient does not want advice, he just wants someone to listen. Don’t dismiss his fears and concerns. You will help validate his feelings by allowing him to speak of these matters freely with you.

If your friend has terminal diagnosis-or just wants to talk about that possibility-listen to her wishes and requests. Reassure her that you will honor them, whether it is to take care of advance directive, honor living will, maintain contact with her children or give her dog home. Avoiding these conversations because you feel hopeful person will survive or because you don’t want to think about death will just increase patient’s anxiety.

Even if he is hopeful that he will survive cancer, he will rest easier and respond better to treatment if he knows his wishes will be honored in event that he does die. Laugh with person and tell funny stories to help him enjoy time with you. People tend to tiptoe around someone who is ill and they forget to laugh, reminisce and enjoy time they have with person now.

The cancer patient will benefit from laughter and will appreciate you allowing him to feel like normal human being. Dwelling on illness at all times will just put shroud of doom over visit. Optimism is contagious and helpful in combating illnesses.

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How to Give Emotional Support to Cancer Patients

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