Get Your Church Out of Debt

If your church is in debt is not very good testimony to others. Christians should be responsible with the money God has given them. You can get out of debt fairly quickly if your heart is in the right place and wants to be obedient in the area of ​​finance.

Once you have done you should put someone in charge of the budget of the church to keep it on track. Create graphic goals even before organizing ways to achieve that goal. This way your congregation see exactly how far in debt you are and how important it is to start working on ways out of it.

Get Your Church Out of Debt

Take big piece of white poster board and draw thermometer type picture on it. Use your black marker for this. Add zero at bottom and place your goal amount at top.

Now place various other increments of money along way in middle . If you owe $10,000 then place increments of $1,000 along edge of thermometer. If your church owes $100,000 then place increments of $10,000 along side of thermometer.

As you raise money use your red marker to color in thermometer up to amount you have currently raised. It should keep growing higher until you have reached your goal. Gather together few people who would be willing to go from house to house.

Create commitment sheet and ask each family if they would be willing to commit certain amount of money each week above and beyond their normal tithe. This commitment could be for year time period. Even if each family committed to only $5 per week that equals $260 per year per family.

If you have 100 families in your church you would gain $2,600 toward your debt. Many families will probably agree to give more than that if they are able. Hold as many fundraisers as you can.

Each group within church can organize their own fundraiser. little kids could make arts and crafts and sell them to family members. teenagers can organize car wash.

women of church can organize bake sale. men can hold BBQ dinner and charge for tickets. Each fundraiser will earn money towards your goal. You may not get all of money your church owes from one fundraiser which is why it is important to organize as many fundraisers as you can.

Gear up for huge yard sale. Depending on amount of help you get and amount of donations you could easily make $3,000. Contact any estate tag sale companies–whatever they don’t sell they have to get rid of.

If you are willing to go and pick up all of leftovers from estate tag sale they will probably agree to it. only down side is you must be willing to take everything that doesn’t sell. Even junk.

So it might be little bit of work to go through everything, but if you have enough help it won’t be so bad. Hold your yard sale for 3 days if permitted. Usually over weekend.

On third day drastically reduce price and sell items for $5 per bag or whatever you think you can get for remaining stuff. Every little bit helps. Silent auctions are also another way to go.

They often do very well. You contact local businesses and ask if they have anything to donate. That could be anything from basket of goodies to coupons for free restaurant meal.

Place those items out on table along with sheet of paper. person with highest bid at end of night gets prize.

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How to Get Your Church Out of Debt

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