Get Stubborn Dog to Go to Bathroom

Depending on dog training, age and race, can resist proper training home, instead of choosing to remove inappropriately inside. dog training older house is more difficult than training older dog puppy, because it can behave stubbornly refuses to go to the bathroom whenever you want. For sudden, dirt unusual house, take your dog to the vet to rule out a medical cause for the behavior recommended by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Once your dog has good health certificate, potty train outdoors. Take your dog off the leash after feeding her. Dogs usually need to go to the bathroom after lunch.

Get Stubborn Dog to Go to Bathroom

Take it to specific spot you designate for its outside potty. Wait for five to 10 minutes to allow your dog to sniff around before eliminating. Give verbal command potty or bathroom.

If your dog eliminates, verbally praise dog, give it treat, then walk it around for few minutes following its elimination or allow it to play with favorite dog toy. Return to your home and keep dog tethered to you on 6-foot leash if it did not eliminate outside. Supervise dog for 15 minutes, then go back outside, using same exit door and same path to designated potty area.

Wait five to 10 minutes for dog to eliminate and give verbal command for it to go to bathroom. Repeat this procedure until dog eliminates in bathroom spot. Praise and treat dog, letting it play with favorite toy.

Observe your dog at home for signs of need to eliminate, such as pacing, circling, sniffing and scratching. Immediately take your dog outside to its bathroom spot and wait for it to eliminate. If it does not, bring it back inside, tether it to you on its longer leash for 10 minutes, then bring it back to spot until it eliminates.

Praise and treat it immediately after it eliminates. Crate your dog when you cannot supervise it. Dogs will usually not eliminate in small spaces where they would have to sit near urine or feces.

Arrange for dog walker to come to your home and walk your dog if you are not home during day. Have him use same path and exit door to bathroom spot outside. Depending on how long you are gone during day, arrange for walker to come one to three times each day, never allowing your dog to stay crated for more than four hours at time, or two hours for puppies, according to Humane Society of United States.

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How to Get Stubborn Dog to Go to Bathroom


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