Get Stain off Windbreaker

Sometimes normal, everyday life can result in stains on clothing. Eating, drinking and stains are not uncommon on the clothing. Windbreaker jackets are not immune and stain easily like any other clothing.

However windbreaker jackets often made of nylon material that requires special care in washing and stain removal. Not knowing proper way to remove stain from Windbreaker could potentially damage material. Put a few drops of bleach-free detergent in a cup of warm water.

Get Stain off Windbreaker

Stir water until laundry detergent and water are well mixed. Apply laundry detergent solution to stain with clean cloth. Dab stain gently with cloth.

Leave solution on stain for at least 15 minutes. Check Windbreaker to see if stain still remains. If there is still stain, repeat application of laundry detergent solution with cloth.

Repeat this process until stain is gone. Wash Windbreaker in regular wash cycle. Hang Windbreaker on hanger to air dry.

Apply paper towel to stain to soak up as much of grease as possible.

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