Get Solar Power for Free

It costs nothing to bask in the sun. But if you want to use this star power, and convert it into electricity, which is when you need to make strong financial investment. Homeowners can get installed on their property solar photovoltaic PV system for free, by making solar energy supplier Solar Power Purchase Agreement SPPA.

solar panels and related equipment will be installed by solar energy providers without any out-of-pocket costs for homeowners, operated and maintained. Solar energy provider benefits through monthly bill for electric energy charging homeowners pull out of the system. Choose solar energy provider.

Get Solar Power for Free

Ask for references. Find out how many solar PV systems provider has completed so you can gauge its experience. Request free site evaluation to determine possible locations for your system, which could be roof, garage or carport, covered patio or on ground.

Agree monthly rate for your electricity, as well as duration of SPPA, which can be as long as 25 years — length of standard system warranty. Compare proposed monthly rate with what you currently pay to utility company. Wait up to two months for completed solar PV system.

provider must file all necessary paperwork and register project with your state’s corresponding Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Registration Program. This registration, along with structural planning, filing for permits and managing inspections, adds to time frame. actual installation of solar panels takes one to two days.

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How to Get Solar Power for Free

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