Get Solar Panels for Free

Solar panels are very effective in reducing and even eliminating home energy bill, but initial investment in solar panel can be expensive. Free solar panels are available if you know where to look. However, understand that everything is free may not be the latest design will be unusable in any way damaged or. to find solar panels for free

, is strictly do-it-yourself project, which may include electrical experience to make this type of solar cells viable for power generation. Solar panels are everywhere if you just look for them. Many construction crews and transport systems use solar energy.

Get Solar Panels for Free

When they become slightly damaged or cracked, they need to be replaced. It is expensive for company to dispose of their solar panels, and lot of times they would rather give them away than deal with costs. Take advantage of this situation and find out some contact information. When you see solar panel on traffic light or sign, take moment to copy down phone number.

Call company and ask if you could have their broken solar panels. Even if there are cracks or flaws, solar panel is not useless. It’s efficiency might decrease, but with some DIY electrical experience, they can be wired to work Place ad in local newspaper or online.

People may be upgrading their system and are willing to give their older solar panels away to someone, particularly if soemone is willing to put in work and dismantle them. Locate solar cell manufacturing companies through phone books or online. If solar panel does not put out correct amount of voltage, even if it is off by small percentage, panel is generally disposed of.

Although not up to correct voltage specifications, panel is still functional and may be had for free by calling and inquiring with company.

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How to Get Solar Panels for Free

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