Get Rid of Stuffy Nose and Congestion

A stuffy nose or nasal congestion is typical during season of colds and allergies. And while you can not cure cold or immediately stop allergic reaction, there are quick ways to open stuffy nose and relieve congestion. There are several solutions, including OTC options and natural solutions.

The key to relieving congestion is thinning mucus trapped in your body. Open nasal passages. Take counter decongestant to clear stuffy nose and relieve congestion quickly.

Get Rid of Stuffy Nose and Congestion

Common cold and sinus medications include decongestant along with pain reliever. Take as directed. Fight off allergies.

Combat allergies from outdoor and indoor irritants by taking antihistamine. This type of medication counteracts effects of histamine, which produce symptoms such as coughing, congestion, wheezing and sneezing associated with allergies. Controlling allergies helps reduce production of mucus, which reduces congestion in nasal passage.

Limit exposure to dry air. Sleeping or living in dry environment can cause congestion and nasal blockage. Use humidifier to reduce dryness and promote drainage.

Taking hot shower or placing hot cloth over your face can also reduce congestion and drain nasal cavity. Drink plenty of fluids. Take in ample fluids such as decaffeinated teas, water and juice to combat thick mucus and loosen congestion.

Hot foods such as soups or broths also thin mucus and help get rid of congestion. Cleanse your nose. Buy saline spray and apply to both nostrils as directed to open nasal passage and clear irritants from nose.

Outdoor allergens such as pollen, and indoor allergens such as dust, can become trapped in nose and produce allergic reaction.

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How to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose and Congestion

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