Get Rid of Silverfish in Bathroom

Silverfish are insects often in cool, dark and damp areas. They want and need moisture to live and therefore often appear in the bathrooms. Silverfish, have bodies of pearl gray or silver colored thin wingless.

insect has scales and mature adult is about a third to half an inch long. silver fingerling resemble young adults. Silverfish actively move at night and avoid sunlight.

Get Rid of Silverfish in Bathroom

They scurry out of sight if object they are hiding under is moved in daylight. Getting rid of this pest is not difficult if you clean consistently and use correct products. Eliminate moisture sources in bathroom. Hang up damp towels or clothing to air-dry before placing them in hamper.

Repair leaky pipes or dripping faucets. Dry shower stalls, bathtubs and sinks with towel after using water. Seal cracks and crevices with caulking in bathroom walls or tiled areas. Silverfish breed and hide in these spots. Clean bathroom area well to eliminate any food sources for silverfish.

Organic debris, food particles, book bindings and starched linens are all potential food sources. Other sources are glue or sizing in paper and wallpaper, dust and dead insects. Spray pyrethrin aerosols and use liquid pesticides containing chlorpyrifos, propoxur or bendiocarb. Apply them in bathroom areas where you spot silverfish.

Insecticides are not necessary for light infestations. Proper cleaning and moisture control are effective in controlling occasional sightings of silverfish.

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How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Bathroom

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