Get Rid of Premenstrual Acne

Monthly outbreak of premenstrual acne is common problem among women from puberty to menopause. Acne can be annoying and embarrassing and can leave permanent scars. Learn some ways to combat premenstrual acne, and end stigma of monthly premenstrual acne.

follow regime of normal skin care. Whether your skin is dry, normal or fat, have and maintain regular regimen of skin care can make your skin less cranky when it comes to monthly changes. Invest in toner and moisturizer specifically for face, and never forget to wash your makeup before bed.

Get Rid of Premenstrual Acne

Take your vitamins and eat healthy diet. Though advice may seem obvious, healthy diet and vitamins can make huge difference. Low-fat dairy products, anti-oxidant fruits, fatty acids and oils, and foods containing selenium like tuna and wheat bread are great start.

Invest in multivitamin. Use clay masque to combat excess oils from skin during days when your premenstrual acne normally begins. Sold in any beauty supply store or skin care aisle of your local grocery store, this is inexpensive and speedy helper.

For serious acne, consult your doctor. prescription birth control pill, even if you are not sexually active, is often used to help combat hormonal flux which can cause acne problems. Your personal physician can give you best advice for your own body.

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How to Get Rid of Premenstrual Acne

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