Get Rid of Mold in Air Conditioning Ducts

Air conditioning can make your home or office comfortable in heat of summer months, but can also lead to hidden dangers. If moisture accumulates in ducts of air conditioning unit, which could lead to mold. air flows through ducts can spread mold throughout your home or office, leading to severe allergic reactions.

You need to stop mold before it is big problem. Don pair of gloves and mask ventilation. Wear long sleeves and pants resistant. Be prepared to throw away once mold is gone. Your team can capture some of spores, mold preservation. Make every effort to help minimize your exposure to mold spores.

Get Rid of Mold in Air Conditioning Ducts

Shut off your air conditioning unit and disconnect all electricity that runs to it. Examine your air conditioning ducts thoroughly to locate all mold. Use this opportunity to locate any leaks or pools of moisture that might be cause of mold buildup.

If moisture is result of leak, fix leak. If moisture is result of regular condensation from cooling process in your air conditioning unit, make plans to access that section of air conditioning duct and dry it out on regular basis. Mix one cup of chlorine bleach into five-gallon bucket of water.

Open up all windows and doors in your home to properly ventilate area. If you begin to feel lightheaded, exit house until dizziness passes. Scrub mold with stiff bristled brush that has soaked in chlorine and water solution.

Some areas may be out of your reach, so use stiff bristle brush with long handle to reach those tough spots. Go over areas you scrubbed with sponge. bristles will loosen spores, but it’s sponge that will pick them up.

Rinse sponge in bleach water often to kill spores and keep sponge fresh.

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How to Get Rid of Mold in Air Conditioning Ducts

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