Get Rid of Excess Mucus

Excess mucus can be sign of nasal congestion, cold or flu. You can use variety of natural home remedies to loosen and thin mucus excess so that your body can easily expel. green or yellow mucus is usually sign of cold or flu.

traces of blood in mucus may be more severe signs of disease so you should seek medical attention if that is case. Reference 2 drinking warm or hot liquids like soups, tea, cocoa, or coffee. This will help loosen thin mucus in lungs, throat and nasal cavity.

Get Rid of Excess Mucus

Reference 1 Immerse yourself in steamy environment. Run hot bath or shower to get your bathroom steamy. Soak in hot bath tub or take long shower in your steamy bathroom to loosen mucus in your system.

Consider using sauna or hot tub if available. This advice is for adults only, it is unsafe for children. Reference 1 Apply vapor rub to your chest, back, and neck.

Vapor rub will promote loosening of mucus. reference 1 Use humidifier in your bedroom. Keeping room moist serves same purpose as relaxing in steam-filled room.

Be sure to regularly change water and clean humidifier. Dirty water in humidifier can promote mold growth and cause allergic reactions and other health problems. reference 1 Take over-the-counter decongestant to medically loosen your mucus.

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How to Get Rid of Excess Mucus

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