Get Rid of Dark Acne Spots

acne dark spots are caused by defects that were collected or had difficulty healing either. They can damage confidence and be constant reminder of past struggles acne. If you are considering having these spots or scars removed by strong topical medications or dermatologist, try these natural solutions for skin repair first.

Take supplement flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is rich in vitamin E and increases blood flow and circulation to support growth of healthy skin cells. Prepare cup of chamomile tea bag 1 to 1 or 2 cups of hot water.

Get Rid of Dark Acne Spots

Allow it to cool and add juice of 1 lemon. Put solution in clean container. Dab chamomile and lemon juice solution on dark acne spots with cotton ball twice day.

Chamomile and lemon are natural bleaching agents and will lighten dark acne spots. Refrigerate solution between applications. Discard and make new batch if you have some left after 3 weeks. Use spot treatment of pure vitamin E oil following chamomile and lemon juice solution.

Vitamin E encourages cell regeneration. This is best to put on every night since it is bit oily and your skin is more absorbent at night. You can buy bottle of vitamin E oil in any pharmacy section of grocery or drug store.

When applying vitamin E oil, massage each dark acne spot for about 1 minute. This assists in your body’s absorption of vitamin E oil and stimulates blood flow and circulation to encourage new skin cell growth under scars.

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How to Get Rid of Dark Acne Spots

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