Get Rid of Ants in Furniture

In the warmer months, ants may be unwelcome addition to your home. You try to get rid of, but they keep coming back. They are everywhere and now you have ants in your furniture.

It’s time to solve a problem by treating the entire house and get those pesky little buggers the couch. Vacuum furtniture. This will capture ants, but unfortunately it will not keep them coming back to stop.

Get Rid of Ants in Furniture

With this being said, you want to vacuum underneath all of cushions and behind furniture. Vacuum entire house. Make sure to give rest of your home thorough vacuum to make sure no random crumbs are on your floor or countertops.

Mix together solution of peppermint oil and water. Ants do not like scent of peppermint and will not walk through area with scent of peppermint. Spray this on all countertops and around doorways.

If you are having repeat problems with certain piece of furniture, spray on floor around piece. Kill ants by simple spray of vinegar. This is safe and natural alternative to bug spray, and will kill ants almost instantly.

Break out ant traps if all else fails. Use commercial ant trap, or make your own using paste of half boric acid and half sugar. Place it near doorway and on any areas where offending ants still exist.

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How to Get Rid of Ants in Furniture

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