Get Rid of Acne Without Products

Most of us have experienced acne at some point in our lives. This embarrassing problem of skin is caused by excess of oily substances in pores of skin, causing inflammation. Although most severe cases of acne often require use of over-the-counter or even prescription drugs, milder cases of acne can often be kept at bay in her bathroom wearing nothing but cloth and hot water .

Get water temperature to perfection. Open hot water tap and wait for water little warmer than you would normally find comfortable for hot shower. This probably means water that is not too hot for your hands, but it’s just little too warm on your face.

Get Rid of Acne Without Products

Do not use water that is painfully hot, as it is possible to get water at dangerous and even scalding temperatures from some home taps. Soak washcloth in hot water and wring it out slightly. It should be somewhere between damp and sopping for best effect.

Apply washcloth to your face. If water temperature is right, it should be little uncomfortable at first, but start to feel pleasant after few seconds. If this is not case, water is either too cool or too hot and should be adjusted.

Hold washcloth over areas of your skin affected with acne. heat of water will open your pores and allow for cleansing of oils, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria trapped inside. Apply fresh hot water and repeat.

Pay special attention to problem areas and areas where skin is more likely to collect oil or isn’t stretched flat, such as skin of your forehead, near your hairline, around corners of your nose, and around your mouth and chin.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Without Products

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