Get Rid of Acne Using Beach Method

Acne can be embarrassing health problem. Often it occurs because brain glands overproducing oil, causing flares. Many sufferers find relief by using method of beach, which effectively uses ocean and sun to reduce and eliminate acne.

Plan to spend afternoon in ocean. Pack your beach gear and drive to nearest beach. only things you need to take with you are your swimsuit, something to read and snack.

Get Rid of Acne Using Beach Method

Spend 5 minutes in water. Take swim, completely submerging affected area. Immerse for full 5 minutes your face, neck, back and all other areas that are experiencing breakout.

Lie in sun for about 10 minutes. Make sure each of affected areas gets full 10 full minutes of direct sun exposure. Repeat process approximately seven times to assist in getting rid of your acne.

Look for positive results. People who use beach method to cure acne notice results next day. Examine your skin and determine if your acne appears to be drying up and fading.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Using Beach Method

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