Get Rid of Acne Under Skin

Acne has variety of causes, including hormones, bacteria and poor nutrition. It can also manifest in variety of different forms such as whiteheads, blackheads and minor skin acne. If acne is under skin, it is likely that no heads in shins.

Instead, they appear as red and swollen areas of your skin. Fortunately, there are many treatments available to treat acne such. With regular care, you can effectively get rid of acne under skin.

Get Rid of Acne Under Skin

Cleanse your skin twice daily, using antibacterial cleanser. In order to keep your skin clear and acne-free, you must cleanse it regularly. In process, you’ll remove acne-causing bacteria, makeup, excess oil and sweat.

Exfoliate your skin two to three times weekly, using facial or body scrub. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells on skin’s surface, which can clog your pores and lead to under-skin acne. Apply acne treatment cream to area.

Choose cream that contains benzoyl peroxide, effective treatment for acne. You can find such creams in most drug and cosmetics stores. Try home remedies to treat your under-skin acne.

Mix equal parts baking soda and water, and apply paste to affected area. Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. baking soda will kill bacteria and absorb excess oil.

You can also squeeze fresh lemon juice onto area. acidity of lemon juice will dry area, helping to alleviate acne. Steam your skin.

Fill bowl with boiling water. Hold affected skin over bowl, letting steam penetrate your pores. Steam once weekly to keep pores clean and discourage under-skin acne.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Under Skin

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