Get Rid of Acne Pock Marks

Acne occurs for variety of reasons, ranging from bacteria to hormonal problems. While acne scar should not technically often does result in people squeezing or picking up your acne. If you have acne, do not pick up on it, as this can cause permanent damage to skin.

If you already have pockmarks acne, there are variety of treatment methods that you can use to get rid of them. Often, regular treatment regime is absolutely necessary to get rid of your acne pockmarks. Apply cream treatment acne scars their pockmarks.

Get Rid of Acne Pock Marks

These creams are available over counter in most drug stores. You can also obtain stronger scar treatment creams via prescription from your doctor. Use cream at least twice daily.

Generally, it takes at least 12 weeks to see results. Massage your skin. This increases circulation to area and breaks up scar tissue, resulting in more even skin texture. Use firm circular motions to rub area for about 2 minutes daily.

Get chemical peels. licensed professional will apply chemicals that burn away surface layers of your skin. Once your skin recovers, it will look younger, less damaged and more even in tone.

Because peels are available in variety of strengths, ranging from light to deep, ask your dermatologist which one is appropriate for your situation. Consider microdermabrasion. mini sandblaster-type device is used to buff away surface levels of your skin.

Because of uneven texture of acne pock marks, microdermabrasion is particularly effective at improving skin’s texture. With regular treatments, you’ll notice your skin is smoother and your pock marks are less noticeable. Talk to your dermatologist about laser skin resurfacing.

Laser light is used to lighten pigment of your acne pock marks and break up scar tissue in area. In addition, light encourages collagen production, helping skin appear firmer and younger. Generally, repeated sessions are necessary to achieve desired results.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Pock Marks

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