Get Rid of Acne in Pubic Area

A grain can occur anywhere on body where pore is present, including pubic area. genitals or pubic pimples are often caused by folliculitis, which is infection or inflammation of hair follicle. Although pubic acne can be unattractive, it is not dangerous and can be treated and prevented.

Wash your pubic area with antibacterial soap at least twice day to kill any bacteria that causes acne. Use soap only on outside of genital area, not internally. Dry genital area after washing to prevent growth of fungi or bacteria, and wear cotton underwear compared with fabrics trap moisture.

Get Rid of Acne in Pubic Area

Place warm, damp towel over your pubic area to relieve any pain or discomfort acne causes. Dry yourself thoroughly once you’re done applying compress. Avoid shaving, waxing or tweezing your pubic hair until acne is gone to prevent irritation and infection.

Wear pants and shorts that are looser fitting until acne is gone from your pubic area. This will keep area from becoming irritated, as tight-fitting clothing rubs against skin and traps in sweat.

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How to Get Rid of Acne in Pubic Area

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