Get Rid of Acne by Sleeping

Reduce amount of time you sleep can cause many harmful effects on their health and wellbeing. According to, not getting enough sleep quality can aggravate acne by increasing inflammation of skin. It can lead to stress with increased sebum production associated, and may cause insulin resistance, which deteriorates body’s ability to utilize glucose.

also it has harmful effects on immune system, rendering victim of skin bacteria that cause acne. Wash your face before retiring from going to sleep. Clean your face with water-soluble cleanser and warm water, making sure to rinse well.

Get Rid of Acne by Sleeping

Using cotton rounds to apply cleanser on your face will make for very gentle and thorough cleansing to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells that might block your pores during night. Pat dry with clean towel. Apply your nightly skin treatment.

Using some treatments at night will increase their benefits. According to, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and Retin-A increase rate of cell turnover. These compounds enhance healing effects of sleep on your skin but can be irritating and can cause sun sensitivity, which makes them ideal for nighttime use. Do relaxing activity to unwind before going to sleep.

Sip some herbal tea, like chamomile for its relaxing properties or burdock root for its skin purifying qualities. Get good quality sleep for about 8 hours. Getting enough sleep is best remedy for healing naturally.

It is during this time that your body will replenish itself, getting rid of bad cells and invaders and will make new healthy cells. Quality sleep is door that will lead you to less inflammatory processes, hormone balance and less stress, which will greatly improve condition of your skin. Keep your bed with fresh linens.

Change your sheets and pillow cases every two days. Turn over your sheet or blanket and pillow case so you are using each side only once before laundering. Doing this will help avoid clogging your pores with dead skin cells and sebum absorbed by fabric, helping to keep your skin clear.

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How to Get Rid of Acne by Sleeping

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