Get Recruited in Soccer

If you ever wondered where to get money to pay for college education, answer may lie in your feet – literally. Many colleges and universities offer sports scholarships football. Calling attention of college recruiter is key to getting football scholarship.

While natural talent is required, there are many things you can do to increase your chances of being hired by program of college football. Start early. It’s never too early to start trying to capture attention of football recruiters.

Get Recruited in Soccer

Spanish soccer club, Real Madrid, recently signed 7-year-old to professional contract. Professional scouts and college recruiters scout thousands of youth league and high school games every year. Keep eye out for scouts at your games and make them aware of your interest in being recruited.

Practice basic skills. No matter what your natural talent may be you can improve your skill-set by practicing. Practice basic fundamentals like dribbling, passing and shooting and you can improve your game to point where recruiters take notice.

Join high-profile team. You must make yourself known to recruiters if you want to be recruited. Playing for small school team or club team with little exposure will not help you.

Transfer to school with history of producing players for college programs. Sign up for AAU teams that travel to out-of-state tournaments. Do whatever you can to raise your profile as player and get attention of recruiters. Sign up with player-recruiter matching clearinghouse.

You can find several services online that match players hoping to be recruited by college soccer programs directly with college soccer programs. Hire personal coach. Look in local telephone directory or online to find personal coach or trainer that will work one-on-one with you.

These sessions will improve your skill-set and conditioning and translate to improved play on soccer field. Improved play increases probability that recruiter will take notice.

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How to Get Recruited in Soccer

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