Get Out of Bed After Stomach Surgery

Any stomach surgery as cesarean birth of newborn, hysterectomy or bariatric surgery is important, and recovery can be long and difficult. One of his first challenges will be to get out of bed, while wound is still tender. Although it may be last thing you want to do, get up and walk few days after surgery is necessary part of speed recovery.

You need help to get out of bed first few times after procedure, either nurse, relative or friend. Move as close as possible to edge of bed as possible. It’s easy to do this while lying on your back and moving hips and shoulders with small movements. probably you feel much pain at any time to flex your abdominal muscles, so use other parts of your body as much as possible to change their position.

Get Out of Bed After Stomach Surgery

Flex your knees and put your feet flat on bed. Use your legs to lift your hips and midsection as you scoot to edge of bed. If you are in hospital bed, use arm rails to help you shift your shoulders.

Turn over onto your side facing outside bed in direction from which you want to get out. Use arm rails to help you turn, or grab onto edge of bed to pull yourself around. Use your hands to pull your knees toward your chest one at time.

Push lower half of your legs off edge of bed. With your arms, carefully walk yourself up into sitting position by moving your arms one at time toward your body and pushing off bed. If this is your first time getting out of bed after stomach surgery, you may need someone to help you push yourself up.

Sit for few moments to make sure you do not feel dizzy. Scoot your bottom as close to edge of bed as possible so that your feet are planted firmly on floor.

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