Get Ironite Stains Out of Concrete

Ironite is type of fertilizer with tiny iron pellets in mixture. This is for the plants, but horrible for concrete as iron particles can be washed in the rain on concrete, and rust rise. To remove stains from concrete Ironite, you will actually need to attack that has formed on this granular iron rust.

Clean concrete. First sweep concrete. Use broom.

Get Ironite Stains Out of Concrete

Next you should pressure wash area. Stain removal is always easier and more effective when you have completely clear, clean area other than stains. In some cases, pressure washing may dislodge iron particles and make your job even easier by getting rid of some of ironite stains.

Mix up your oxalic acid. Oxalic acid, also called wood bleach, comes in powdered form. You just need to add water.

Use plastic bucket, and refer to manufacturer’s directions on how much water to add since each brand can be slightly different. You should wear your gloves and safety goggles from here on out. Treat stains with oxalic acid solution.

Apply generous treatment of wood bleach solution to stains. If you like, saturate cleaning rag with oxalic acid and lay it over stains. You should leave acid on stains for about 10 minutes.

Use stiff brush to scrub acid-treated stains off driveway. In most cases, you will only need one or two applications, but you can repeat treatment process up to 5 times. Just remember that you may be creating lighter blotch on your driveway.

Rinse down driveway. Use garden hose and copious amounts of water to rinse off concrete very thoroughly. It is important to dilute oxalic acid very thoroughly so that it does not harm your plants or eat away at your concrete.

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