Get Dogs With Cancer to Eat

Loss of appetite or unwillingness to eat, is common symptom in dogs with cancer. It is also known as cancer cachexia. causes can range from nausea as side effect of radiation or chemotherapy drugs to metabolic changes that cause muscle loss and lack of appetite.

The first course of action is to work with your veterinarian to determine cause. Then try any of following tips to get your dog eating cancer. Work closely with your veterinarian or oncologist to determine root cause of poor appetite your dog to choose best diet.

Get Dogs With Cancer to Eat

In case of nausea caused by chemotherapy, there are several anti-nausea medications available. While exact nutritional requirements of cancer-stricken dogs are not fully understood, most experts agree that it’s extremely important that dog with cancer receive adequate nutrition. Check Resources for more information.

Use canned, cooked or semi-liquid food if cancer is causing restriction of mouth, throat or digestive tract. Hard or kibbled foods may be uncomfortable for dog to chew, swallow or digest. Change location of dog’s feeding area.

Some dogs will refuse to eat when stressed, so provide quiet, distraction-free environment. If dog loves car rides, try feeding him in car. Experiment with different feeding strategies.

The dog may be willing to eat if hand-fed, or if given food on people plates after family has eaten. This is not time to discourage begging – if begging at dinner table is only way dog will eat, take advantage of that. Offer dog novel foods, particularly if they are fairly strong-smelling.

Cooked meat, canned mackerel and salmon, canned green tripe, cat food or low-sodium meat and vegetable soup may spark his appetite. These can also be mixed with dog food.

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How to Get Dogs With Cancer to Eat

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