Get COBRA Insurance Rates

can purchase COBRA is to leave the insurance workers medical, dental, he continued life or another kind of performance was to receive from his company. Unfortunately, prices are high, because companies no longer subsidize costs. As a result, most people need to know immediately what they get paid COBRA. It helps them to beef up their budgets for higher cost of insurance.

Ask ex-employee. Make sure it’s someone who with the close relationship, and how you had similar advantages. Ask this person you details about the prices of COBRA offered to give.

Get COBRA Insurance Rates

If possible, get copy of this person’s COBRA offer letter. Speak to human resources officer. He should have information on your COBRA insurance rates or at least ballpark figure.

Be sure to emphasize to your human resources officer that it is important that you get this information right away. Call COBRA representative and ask for details on your rates. You can get number from your human resources officer.

If your company has reported that you are leaving, COBRA should have your benefit rates on file. Review old COBRA mailing. If you quit job year ago and paid for COBRA, your rates will be similar.

Just pull out this package and review it. It should give you good ballpark figure on what you will have to pay. Call companies providing your medical, dental and life insurance.

Ask what their rates are without your company’s financial offset. Then list them on paper so you can decide if you really want to keep your benefits.

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How to Get COBRA Insurance Rates

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