Get Back in Shape After Having Baby

Okay, if you are one of those women who only gained 15 lbs they were to get pregnant, then this is not for you. Look, I’ve been in pretty good shape all my life – never overweight, worked regularly and eating healthy. But dammit! When I got pregnant I was excercize regular and healthy diet and still won fifty lbs !!! I was shocked.

I do not feel fat, just pregnant. And I felt pretty damn sexy and feminine. And I thought for sure you leave all that weight in hospital.

Get Back in Shape After Having Baby

But I didn’t. So here’s some of what I learned about taking it off. Let your body heal.

Whether vaginal or c-section birth, your body needs to recuperate. This can be heartbreaking time because you are really seeing your body for first time without this awesome belly, and realizing UH OH, it is pretty far off from what you started from. That’s okay.

Give yourself time to heal and get into rythmn of your baby. Figure out logistics of excercise. Everyone is different – you are staying at home, you are back at work, you have multiple kids.

For each person, there is plan. Trust me. It is just matter of figuring out what works for you.

A treadmill, used jogging stroller, old workout DVD. Just 30 minutes. If you can give that to yourself everyday, that would be ideal.

If you try for it everyday and wind up with 3-4 times week, that’s good. Finding time for yourself can feel impossible, but I promise, it’s not. I come home from work and take my daughter for walk for 20-30 minutes.

It is my time to come down from work day. Sometimes my husband will watch her in morning so I excercise. I know you are exhausted.

But here is secret – excercising every day actually gives you more energy. Try it. You can live better on 4-6 hours of sleep you are getting every night and 10-12 hours your are working every day as full time mom or working outside home.

Take time to tone too. Burning off fat is made all easier by building muscle mass. And as much as we all wish we had personal trainers and nannies of celeb moms, most of us don’t.

So to keep it simple. Start with 25 push ups and sit ups. Then tack on 5-10 more week and work your way up to 100.

If you can actually break away and take yoga or toning class, all better. Watch your eating. When you are pregnant, you are encouraged to indulge, and most of us do. But good thing about eating during pregnancy is that you learn more about nutrition than ever before because you become hyper-aware of what you are putting into your body. Keep up this practice, because now you need to take care of you for YOU. Continuing to eat healthy, fresh foods without hydrogenated soybeans or refined sugar is great. Just cut portions in HALF so you can ultimately burn more calories than you eat…the only sure-fire way to lose weight. We hope the information on How to Get Back in Shape After Having Baby is helpful to you.

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How to Get Back in Shape After Having Baby

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