Get Baby to Stop Throwing Cup

We are sorry! Cute. Little Timmy threw his glass on floor. You better take her.

Whoops! He did it again. Upon reaching cup for fifth time, Timmy actions have ceased to become cute and veered more towards annoying. It is natural that your child to repeat action again and again, since it is likely learning to grasp things and understand touch and gravity.

Get Baby to Stop Throwing Cup

However, this aggravating action now has you seeking way to break your baby’s bad habit. Say no. Every time your child throws cup, pick it up and in firm tone say No throwing.

Stand guard. Your child consistently throwing cups can get tiresome, especially if cups are full and make spill. It might be that you need to stand with your child and consistently offer him drink, or respond to his request for one if he is able to speak.

Regardless, you should hold cup. Keep beverage near you and out of your child’s reaching distance. Take preventative measures.

Prevent picking up by purchasing plastic children’s dinnerware that suctions to high-chair tray or tabletop. Ensure your child has straw so that they are still able to drink. Redirect.

If it is not mealtime and your child still insists on throwing cup or glass, redirect her. Take object she has thrown and again offer her stern no throwing and then give your child object she can throw, such as soft ball. Explain difference to her about why that item is appropriate for indoor-playing and why cup is not.

Time out. If child is old enough to comprehend your words, or is old enough to speak and still does not desist in throwing things, issue time-out. If you are consistent with this method, your child will eventually recognize whenever he throws his cup he will be sent for time-out punishment and desist. We hope the information on How to Get Baby to Stop Throwing Cup is helpful to you.

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How to Get Baby to Stop Throwing Cup

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