Get Air Conditioner to Work Colder

An air conditioner appliance is of great value to many people during hot or humid weather, as air conditioning provides constant flow of fresh air inside house. Many manufacturers sell various air conditioners, and most units work well with regular care, cleaning and maintenance. However, problems with air conditioner may occur occasionally, such as air conditioner cooling air not as it should.

While cause of this problem may be serious and require professional repair, there are some things you can try first. Check that air conditioner outlet is connected to working electrical outlet. Replace or reset circuit breaker or fuse as needed.

Get Air Conditioner to Work Colder

Turn main control switch to On and set temperature control to point that is colder than current outdoor temperature. Air conditioners will not operate or run if thermostat is set to point warmer than ambient temperature. Set thermostat to Auto to enable unit to run as needed to cool home to specified temperature.

Check area around air conditioner for items that may be blocking air flow, such as furniture, gardening items, bushes, leaves or other debris. air conditioner will function poorly if vents and grilles are blocked. Look at return air grilles and registers in home, and clear away items from those spaces as well.

Disconnect and turn off air conditioner. Open main panel to access air filter. If filter is permanent, remove it and clean it with cold water and dish-washing liquid.

Place filter in dry area and wait until it is completely dry before replacing it into air conditioner. If filter is marked Disposable, replace it with new filter. If there is frost on evaporator, turn off air conditioner and wait for ice to melt.

Disconnect power and open access panel. Clean evaporator coils with soft brush and clean bottom of air conditioner. Close panel and restore power.

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How to Get Air Conditioner to Work Colder

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