Generate Insurance Leads

Insurance leads is to create one of the most difficult tasks for the insurance professional. It requires a strong, concise marketing plan and discipline to follow through with it. You have several options to generate insurance leads.

Find two or three options that work best for you and work to maximize their efficiency, then occasionally test an additional lead source. Aside marketing budget of $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 for the year. Spend about $ 100 to $ 200 per month on direct leads as internet lines and conventions, and $ 100 per month leads to $ 200 in an indirect, as entries in telephone directories.

Generate Insurance Leads

Sign up for online insurance leads. Several popular Internet lead sources for insurance professionals provide real-time leads to purchase. Test one or two of them to see which format works best for you.

Filter for your best niche market leads. These are highly competitive leads that get sent to four to six other agents, so call and email lead right when you get it, and follow up frequently. Make system of three to five follow-up contacts in first five days, and, if you don’t make sale, continue to contact lead after six months and one year when their existing policies are likely to expire.

Publish your contact information in business listings. Publish in Yellow Pages and any other popular local directory. Publish in online directories as well.

Do Internet search for keywords clients are most likely to use to find you. Click links on search results to find online directories, many of these are free to add basic listing. Join or start business networking group.

Join group Business Networking International and Chamber of Commerce or other local networking groups. If no memberships are open in Business Networking International group, gather local business owners together and start your own networking group. Wear professional name tag when you attend these groups, and order 1,000 business cards to hand out.

Attend meetings regularly, and position yourself as expert in your field. Actively talk to members, and ask for leads. Publish blog, but don’t sell on your blog.

Publish informational articles clients will look to for help in understanding topic. Establish yourself as expert in field, and add links to your business website and contact information. Publish short article at least once week to be found and placed higher in online searches.

Incorporate keywords in your articles that clients will use when searching for your services. Purchase booth space at trade show and community events. Bring gifts with your contact information printed on them to give to attendees. Dress professionally, bring your business cards and wear your name tag.

Have few larger items to raffle, and ask attendees fill out form to win. Include section on form for them to say what products they are interested in learning more about, and ask them to allow you to contact them in future.

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