Generate Electricity From Solar Panels

Solar energy is a promising source of energy for the whole society. Households, businesses and nations can solar energy be used with any power supply to power. For many people, however, seems to solar energy as remote power prospect or too complicated to be effectively introduced.

But science and technology for the solar energy is easy. It all starts with design and make-up of solar panels. Solar panels help absorb sunlight and convert sunlight into electricity.

Generate Electricity From Solar Panels

Choose good location for solar panel. solar panels must be in open space, preferably on roof, and facing toward sunrise. Purchase or produce silicon sheets. Solar panels need to be made out of silicon.

Silicon is semi-productive element that is energized by photons, particle from sunlight. Frame metal panels underneath silicon sheets. metal, which is any general conducive metal, acts as absorber for electricity. By placing metal panel underneath silicon sheet, electricity will flow downward from silicon sheet.

Wire every solar panel to semi-conductor. When photon hits silicon sheets of panels, electrons from silicon atoms bounce off and flow through metal panel. semi-conductor is wired to bottom metal sheet, capturing this electrical output.

Connect semi-conductors to electrical panel of building. Like electrical wiring from municipal or regional electrical grid, semi-conductor connects directly to your electric meter and panel. This will allow all electricity captured in solar panel to flow through building’s electrical system.

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How to Generate Electricity From Solar Panels

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