Frost Glass on Bathroom Window

Glazed glass in the window of your bathroom is a good way to get privacy without losing light. There are some different ways to do this. Add to frosted film is easier, followed by treatment with acid and then sandblasted.

For the etching and sandblasting, you may have to remove window to apply the treatment. Sandblasting requires special equipment and a little practice, even texture. Frost film is only method that can be removed, although it can be difficult process of getting in.

Frost Glass on Bathroom Window

Use scissors or utility knife to cut film to fit glass portion of your bathroom window. Clean glass thoroughly with either squeegee or lint-free cloth. Apply film to window following instructions provided with film.

This may require applying film to one edge of window then removing backing as you apply it over window in small sections. Or it may involve using small amount of dish soap in spray bottle and squeegee. Remove window from its frame.

You do not need to remove glass from frame. Since you will wash etching cream off glass, do this project where acid in etching cream will not cause damage. Apply contact paper to all areas of window that you do not want frosted, including frame and any part of glass.

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How to Frost Glass on Bathroom Window

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