Frame Existing Bathroom Mirror

Most bathrooms have large mirrors, simple connected to the wall by clips or adhesive. While providing perfect functionality, these sleek mirrors are not much to do in terms of decor. Existing bathroom mirror framing will improve the appearance of mirror and upgrade look of the bathroom.

Any homeowner can frame or mirror diyer success of existing bathroom easy and economical. Measure the width of the bathroom mirror and height with tape. Write these measurements on paper to take with you to the store home improvement.

Frame Existing Bathroom Mirror

Select molding trim pieces in any desired design and shade that compliments bathroom decor. Keep in mind that wider trim piece is, less mirror surface you will have left. Measure molding trim pieces to size according to mirror measurements, and mark with pencil.

Cut 45-degree angle with miter saw on ends of trim pieces. Make sure angled ends match up together, with no large gaps or unevenness. Sand cut ends with fine-grit sandpaper until edges are smooth.

Wipe trim edges with clean rag to remove all sandpaper dust. Paint or stain molding trim with paintbrush. Apply and allow paint or stain to dry according to stated package instructions.

Use paintbrush to apply even coat of polyurethane to molding trim. Allow to dry according to stated instructions.

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How to Frame Existing Bathroom Mirror

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