Forward Voice Mail Messages on iPhone

Apple iPhones use proprietary messaging service called Visual Voicemail. One of its drawbacks is that iPhone users are prohibited from forwarding voice messages from Visual Voicemail or native ATandT. There are workarounds for this limitation, including applications with voice mail manage and forward all voice messages to another voice mail providers, namely Google Voice.

Using Apple approved applications to manage your voicemail. Apple’s iPhone App Store has more applications to improve the iPhone native voice mail capabilities. Fusion Voicemail free, ad-supported application, or premium, no-ads version and voicemail inbox are two of the most popular Voice Mail Manager applications, the function include voicemail messages vial to forward e-mail.

Forward Voice Mail Messages on iPhone

Use Google Voice to manage your voice mail messages. Though not true method of forwarding voice mails on your iPhone, but using Google Voice to manage your voice mail messages will allow you to take advantage of Google Voice’s voice-mail system including text previews of your email and ability to forward voice messages. Log in to Google Voice.

Add your iPhone to your Google Voice Phone List. Navigate to Settings and click on Voice tab. Click Add another phone and follow instructions to add your iPhone to phones associated with your Google Voice number.

Enter 0041 your Google Voice phone number # and press Send. For instance, if your Google Voice phone number were 415-555-1212, you would enter 004 14155551212#. Your iPhone would display screen confirming that your voice mail was being forwarded to Google Voice.

Manage your incoming voice mail on Google Voice site. Google Voice will send transcript of incoming voice mail to your Google email address. From Google Voice, you can listen to, download and forward your voice mail messages via email.

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How to Forward Voice Mail Messages on iPhone

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