Follow Endometriosis Diet

Endometriosis is inflammation of tissue in uterus. Women who have endometriosis may have cramps and chronic pain sometimes. Pain may be more severe just before menstruation.

Other symptoms may include fatigue, bladder infections, painful intercourse and sometimes infertility. It is important to have this condition diagnosed by physician to receive treatment of endometriosis correct. proper diet can help reduce some of symptoms of endometriosis.

Follow Endometriosis Diet

It’s generally believed that foods reducing estrogen levels are good for immune system. Consult nutritionist and use these tips to help you create and follow endometriosis diet. Consume less amount of fats for daily endometriosis diet.

Reduce your intake of foods and food supplements that are rich in fats, such as meats, cheese, fried foods, butter, mayonnaise, vegetable oils and nuts. Cook your meals by using steaming method rather than frying them. Prepare your salads with little or no high fat dressings.

Increase your intake of fibers and vegetables in your meals. These foods are believed to contain lower levels of estrogen which may help immune system. majority of vegetables, especially green leafy ones are rich in fibers.

Also, some fruits like Papaya, melons, figs and oranges have high fiber and vitamins contents. Eat other foods that contain lower amounts of fats and more fibers. These include wheat, brown rice, canola oil, olive oil, lean white poultry meat and fresh fish low in fats. Prepare these foods by steaming them and using small amount of oils. Complement your meals by taking daily vitamins for endometriosis diet. Avoid food and drinks that have low or no amount of vitamins such as coffee, sugar drinks and alcohol.

Take vitamins C and E supplements and ask your doctor for appropriate dosages.

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How to Follow Endometriosis Diet

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