Flush Auto Air Conditioners

Washing air conditioning system will remove contaminants, oils and any residue of system. Once air conditioning system empties car, which will have positive effect on air conditioner and allow it to work to its full potential. unit is rinsed with mineral spirits or other solvents. Locating all parts in air conditioner they will be eliminated. Pop open car hood and find air compressor. compressor has round shape, with hose running from same and threaded end.

Find two hoses connected to compressor. These are hoses are emptied. Unscrew two hoses connected to air compressor using adjustable wrench.

Flush Auto Air Conditioners

Pour solvent into plastic bottle and attach rubber tip blow gun to plastic bottle. Blow solvent into both of hoses. Blow in dry air or nitrogen using air gun at 125 PSI to move solvent through system.

Flush system and continuing blowing in air until all debris has been removed. Dry both hoses in both directions. Blow solvent through hoses and out end.

Catch it in shop rag. Hold blow gun tight at one end of rag and hold your finger over other to build up pressure. Release your finger to let it blow off pressure.

Repeat process until there is no sign of solvent coming out and system has been flushed out completely.

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How to Flush Auto Air Conditioners

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