Flower Spathiphyllum Plant

Spathiphyllum plants are more commonly known as peace lilies and have long been favorite as interior houseplant, though they can be grown outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 11 to 15. plant adapts well to low-level light of offices and homes. When you buy or receive spathiphyllum, it probably is in bloom with elegant white flower spikes.

Commercial growers treat spathiphyllum with hormone to encourage and control plant’s blooming time. This hormone is not available to public, but providing your peace lily plant with environment conducive for plant to develop blooms will help it flower again. Place your spathiphyllum where it will receive bright, indirect sunlight.

Flower Spathiphyllum Plant

Although peace lilies can grow in low-level light, if you want plant to bloom, it needs bright light, but never direct sunlight. If you can read newspaper without additional light, it is bright enough for your spathiphullum. Also, longer days of summer, which provide more light to plant, will help your peace plant have energy to produce flower buds.

Water your spathiphyllum only when top 1 or 2 to 1 inch of soil feels dry. Overwatering can cause your spathiphyllum to not bloom. Mist your peace lily plant daily to keep humidity level high.

Spathiphyllum plants are tropical and thrive in humid environment. happier you can make your spathiphyllum, better chance you have that it will reward you with blooms. Fertilize your spathiphyllum during its growing season every two weeks with all-purpose houseplant fertilizer that you dilute with water.

Mix fertilizer according to instructions on container, but double amount of water so fertilizer is half strength.

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