Fix Squeaky Bathroom Faucet

Squeaky bathroom faucet knobs are the result of the parts rub against each other. This can happen when threads of the faucet valve under control begin to wear. If the key is not leaking, there is no need to replace the valve assemblies down knobs.

Instead, try lubricating the valve stem to set squeak. Use plumbing grease, available at hardware stores and home improvement. This project takes less than half an hour.

Fix Squeaky Bathroom Faucet

Pop off cap on top of faucet knob with flat-blade screwdriver to locate retainer screw underneath. On some faucets, hollow set screw may be in side of knob. This type of screw requires Allen wrench to remove.

Extract screw using either screwdriver or Allen wrench, depending on your faucet style. Pull knob or handle straight up to remove it from faucet and expose valve stem underneath. Apply plumber’s grease to threads on valve stem.

Slide knob or handle onto valve stem and secure with screw. Twist knob or handle back and forth to work grease into threading, stopping squeak.

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How to Fix Squeaky Bathroom Faucet

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