Fix Smelly Bathroom Drain

plumbing bathroom odor can take time, especially if they are not cleaned regularly. This is due to several factors. Hair and old skin are typically go down the drain.

Add in pieces of soap, human natural oils and dirt, and you have the recipe for disaster smelly. Clean drains immediately after noticing the smell and then once a month. You may need not use commercial cleaners to remedy smelly drains drainage.

Fix Smelly Bathroom Drain

Determine cause of smell. If odor is simply foul odor but does not smell like sewage, proceed with remaining steps. If smell is very strong and does smell like sewage, you may have issue with sewer line backing up in your bathroom.

In this instance, you may need to call in professional to fix issue. Remove any hair from drain trap. Long hair can become tangled in drain trap, making it difficult for drain treatment to reach source of smell.

Pull out any visible hair. Shake about half cup of baking soda into drain. If you have difficulty getting baking soda down drain, remove drain trap.

Typically, there will be one screw in center of trap. If there is no screw, do not attempt to remove trap. Pour cup of white vinegar down drain.

This will create chemical reaction that will scrub inside of drain and pipe to remove any debris causing odors. Run hot water down drain for several minutes. This will help flush out any remaining debris that was loosened by vinegar and baking soda but not completely removed.

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How to Fix Smelly Bathroom Drain

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