Fix Slow-Draining Bathroom Sink

hair and debris deposits trapped inside soap drains completely prevent the escape water, making slow draining bathroom sink. It is recommended that boiling water is poured down the drain in the bathroom sink at least once a month to prevent the accumulation of such drainage and maintain their healthy working order. The use of harsh chemicals to remedy slow sink drain can not be effective, depending on the severity of the obstruction.

Harsh chemicals have the potential to damage the environment as well. Wear rubber gloves and put generous amount of Vaseline around the portion cup plunger. Vaseline will help ensure a better seal when used in the bathroom sink.

Fix Slow-Draining Bathroom Sink

Use rag to plug up overflow hole located in sink’s bowl. Place plunger over sink drain and use up and down motion to dislodge debris. You may hear whooshing sound when clog has been dislodged.

Straighten coat hanger and make small bend in it to retrieve any hair debris that may be caught or wrapped around sink’s drain screen. Do not force hanger too far down drainpipe, as you will run risk of getting hanger stuck. Locate and remove P-trap underneath your sink.

P-trap is small U shaped plumbing pipe secured with two threaded collars. Loosen collars with your hands or pair of large pliers to remove P-trap from sink and outgoing drainpipe using counterclockwise twisting motion. Make sure you place bucket underneath P-trap to catch any water present within pipes.

Inspect P-trap for any debris and clean as necessary. Look down through your sink’s drain hole to see if there is any debris present, use coat hanger to dislodge any debris. If your P-trap and sink drain do not appear clogged, you may have clog present in drain plumbing leading out from wall.

Rent small plumbing auger and use it to dislodge any debris from drain plumbing leading from wall. auger uses semi-flexible cord that inserts into drain and breaks away any debris clogging system. Consult documentation or rental business personnel on how to operate particular auger you plan on using.

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How to Fix Slow-Draining Bathroom Sink

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