Fix Noisy Air Conditioners

A noisy air conditioner usually means air conditioner is not working at maximum efficiency. Setting noise is often not difficult, but can be dangerous. Always make sure you have activated circuit breaker or fuse is delivering power to your air conditioner before attempting any repairs.

Disconnected window air conditioner should be sufficient to interrupt power supply. Inspect fan blades on outside condenser unit central air conditioner. Check to see if foreign object has slipped between holes of grid and is obstructing rotation of fans.

Fix Noisy Air Conditioners

Turn power off at main electrical panel and at disconnect switch located near unit. Unscrew side panel containing electrical connections. Using non-contact voltage tester, verify there is no power present on any wires.

Unscrew top panel of outdoor unit. Removal of panel will vary according to model. Keep track of screws as you remove them so they don’t get lost.

Remove foreign object that is causing blades to make noise as they hit it. Do not try to straighten out bent blade, if any blade is bent, it should be replaced, as even slightest bend in fan blade will adversely affect performance. Spin blade with your hand after you have removed foreign object.

Tighten bolts securing fan blades to motor mount if fan is wobbly or feels loose. Replace blades if they continue to make noise even after you’ve removed foreign object and tightened bolts. Reattach side and top panels to condenser unit.

Make sure all screws are reattached. Turn on power to unit at disconnect switch and main service panel. Turn on air conditioner and listen to see if noise has stopped.

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How to Fix Noisy Air Conditioners

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