Fix Nails Popping Up in Stair Treads

The nails are common mounting method for indoor and outdoor wooden stairs. Although they are as not as durable screws, nails Nailers make are much less labor intensive. But over time boards around nails expand and contract, causing them to pop up.

loose nails fastening is required to restore structural integrity of kicks. However, the process is often more complex than hammering nails just back down. Search a raised nails on stairs and grab it between your fingers.

Fix Nails Popping Up in Stair Treads

Wiggle nail to determine if it is loose. Tight nails on undamaged treads are repairable. Remove any nails that are loose or are on warped treads using pry bar to pull them out.

Wrap head of hammer with cloth to prevent damaging stair tread and hammer all of sturdy nails back into tread until they are flush with surface. Insert nail set tool on top of each nail head and tap it with hammer to sink head of nail 1 or 8 inch under surface of tread wood. Walk to locations where you removed nails entirely.

Insert wood screws into holes, using screws that are 1 or 2-inch longer than original nail. longer screws deepen holes and secure screws into undamaged wood. Tighten screws with power drill until heads are 1 or 8 inch below surface of tread.

Open small tub of wood putty and scoop out pea-sized amount using plastic putty knife. Spread putty over head of each nail or screw and smooth surface to scrape off excess.

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How to Fix Nails Popping Up in Stair Treads

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