Fix Central Air Conditioner Fan Blade

That annoying buzz that comes from outside of your home could be sign of blade air conditioning needs to be fixed. blades of these devices help to draw air through compressor unit which compresses refrigerant inside before being pumped to evaporator unit. Fan blades air conditioner is usually made of metal and can sometimes get out of shape.

Because blades are machined to your specific model, if you have broken air fan central air conditioner, best way to fix it is to replace. Turn off power to central air conditioning unit. You can usually do this in two different places, either at main breaker or separate circuit breaker located somewhere near air conditioning unit.

Fix Central Air Conditioner Fan Blade

Locate condenser unit, which is where air conditioner fan is located. This part of air conditioning system is placed typically on outside of building where air conditioner is installed. These units are box shaped, and will have coolant pipes and electric cables leading back into inside of building.

Clean any dust or dirt off outside of condenser unit. Remove as many leaves or other fallen material as possible. If these make their way inside condenser coils, they can cause unit to work harder and possibly malfunction.

Remove housing unit from condenser to access fan. This can differ from model to model, depending on unit. On some models, for example, you may be able to remove grill from top of unit.

On other condensers, you may need to remove entire housing. These grills and housings are usually held in place with screws or bolts. Remove screws with screwdriver and bolts with wrench or socket wrench.

Loosen fan coupling nut in center of fan. Some fans may have cap that you must first pry off before you can access housing nut.

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How to Fix Central Air Conditioner Fan Blade

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