Fix Bathtub That Squeaks

A squeaks or creaks tub that is at risk of falling apart or cracking, therefore, must be repaired immediately. Such noise occurs in the baths, especially those made of fiberglass, for a variety of reasons, including improper installation or absence of mortar substrate. Although you can hire professional plumbers to fix the problem, consider the repair yourself to save on cost overruns. Inspect the area under the tub with the flashlight.

You may have to cut through drywall in the adjacent staircase wall cabinet or room access the area below or use the access panel. Locate any loose foam molding along the base of the bathtub once you have entered the area under squeaking bathtub. Replace any loose foam molding to the base of the tub with construction adhesive.

Fix Bathtub That Squeaks

Press molding against tub to establish good bond and adhere to surface. Look for mortar bed or concrete pad under tub. If you do not see bed but find sheet of plywood instead, you have to fit mortar around tub.

Spray surface around drain hole with expanding foam to prevent mortar from dripping onto floor. Prepare quick-set concrete in 5-gallon plastic bucket, according to manufacturer’s directions, with trowel until it achieves workable consistency. Pack mortar onto plywood sheet underneath tub with trowel.

Allow mortar to self-level and set, preferably to thickness of 1 or 2- to 3 or 4-inch or until it touches base of bathtub. However, always defer to manufacturer’s instructions for your specific type of tub. For instance, Kohler requires 2-inch-thick bed of concrete or mortar for its drop-in bathtub.

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How to Fix Bathtub That Squeaks

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