Fix Bathroom Mold

Although you can not completely kill mold the bathroom, there are ways to reduce mold and prevent it from happening again. If you do not get rid of bathroom mold, it will look ugly in your countertops and bathtub, and even worse, cause breathing problems. Remove mold bathroom has few materials, and some of the materials that are already found in your home.

Delete all items in your bathroom. This includes bottles of shampoo, soap, cribs appliances hair straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons, and any other loose items. This includes any items or toilet kit.

Fix Bathroom Mold

Mix about cup of chlorine bleach with four cups of warm water. Add one teaspoon of laundry detergent. Pour mixture into spray bottle.

Open window or run exhaust fan to keep room ventilated and spray your tub, sink, faucets, counters, window sills, mirrors, medicine cabinet, and all other surfaces in your bathroom. Get into hard to reach areas like corners and crevices. Allow solution to sit on sprayed surfaces for at least 10 minutes.

Scrub area with chlorine bleach solution. Do not ignore those hard to reach areas. Use scubbing pad if needed on tough spots. Some pads may scratch porcelain surfaces however, so test small area before using one.

Allow area to dry completely. Pour mixture of half vinegar and half water into another spray bottle. Spray every surface in your bathroom.

There is no need to rinse. acidic nature of vinegar will prevent mold from growing in those spots in future. Make sure that there is proper ventilation in your bathroom.

Poor air circulation is another cause for mold. Use your bathroom fan and or or open your window as needed to keep mold from growing in bathroom.

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How to Fix Bathroom Mold

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