Fix Bathroom Light

You complain that the accessory tired old bathroom every time you put on mascara in the mirror. Squints and wonders why there is so much light looking down on you as you shave. Do something about it.

Install new accessory to diffuse light in your bathroom and enhance the decor of your bathroom. Reload bathrooms watch as the function is improved. Bathroom light off at least half an hour before changing accessories.

Fix Bathroom Light

Prevent burns to your palm from hot lightbulb or fixture. Find circuit breaker box. Determine which circuit applies to bathroom.

Switch it off. Examine light fixture. Locate screws.

Use screwdriver to remove all screws. Group them together and put aside. Remove fixture carefully as most are glass and break easily.

Set fixture aside as you may need it for different location. Tape screws inside fixture. Examine new fixture.

Count screws to make sure you have them all. Study fixture for location of holes of screw.

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How to Fix Bathroom Light

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