Fix Bathroom Fan Vent

Your bathroom exhaust fan removes moisture, heat and smell the air in your bathroom. Over time your fan may become worn from use. Once repaired ventilation fan, you can keep your room ventilated bathroom.

best way to repair ventilation fan in the bathroom is to replace the motor and housing. Measure the size of your current drive, and buy a new one at your local hardware store. purchasing unit that is close to its current size to minimize further cut its ceiling.

Fix Bathroom Fan Vent

Turn off circuit breaker to bathroom vent fan. As with any electrical appliance, you do not want electricity running to it while you are making repairs. Pull cover off bathroom vent fan with your fingers.

In some instances your bathroom fan vent cover may be secured with retaining screw. Use screwdriver to remove screw, and remove cover. Use screwdriver to remove retaining screws that secure bathroom fan motor and cover plate to housing.

Carefully lower housing while not causing stress on attached wires. Unscrew plastic wire caps that connect wires. Go into attic, and disconnect duct work from bathroom fan vent housing.

duct work will either be taped on or secured using clamp. Use screwdriver to loosen clamp that secures electrical cable through housing, and pull cable out.

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How to Fix Bathroom Fan Vent

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