Fix Bathroom Ball Faucet

A ball valve contains round ball valve assembly swiveling holes inside, allowing the head of tap hot and cold water to flow into the spout. This faucet is used in kitchens and bathrooms. When bathing ball valve failure or leak, it is time to replace the entire ball valve.

This is a simple project for any homeowner, no matter how much experience you have. Close closing valves under the sink bathroom water. Take the lid on top of the handle bath tap and remove the Allen screw under it with an Allen wrench.

Fix Bathroom Ball Faucet

If faucet has no cap, simply remove Allen screw holding handle to ball valve stem. Slide handle off stem of ball valve. Loosen plastic washer on faucet head with screwdriver tip, or pair of pliers.

Unscrew bonnet cap with pair of large pliers and remove it. Take off washer and then remove ball valve and two seat gaskets inside faucet head. Lift each one out with tip of Allen wrench.

Replace these two round seat gaskets with new ones. Insert new ball valve inside faucet head and replace washer and bonnet cap. Tighten washer with screwdriver or pliers.

Replace handle and tighten Allen screw with Allen wrench.

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How to Fix Bathroom Ball Faucet

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