Fix Bad Smell in Air Conditioner of Car

During summer driving season, common complaint by drivers and passengers in air-conditioned vehicle is occasional awful smell emitted from air conditioning vents. This is actually complaint increasingly common in recent years due to specific design changes made to air conditioning systems for most automakers to be more efficient. However, it is problem that can be cured and prevented.

Identify problem. bonnet and pop car looks close to all places of air intake for small nest of rotting animal carcass or unlucky visitor. If no signs of animals are present, smell is most likely being caused by combination of fungus as well as small microbes and bacterial growth within air conditioning system.

Fix Bad Smell in Air Conditioner of Car

constantly wet and very dark evaporator core in air conditioning system is almost perfect environment to support these organisms rapid growth. Disinfect air vents and duct work by starting car and turning air conditioner on in recirculate mode. Use medium to high blower speed.

With system on, spray disinfectant directly into air conditioning air intake vents usually located beneath dash board, or near floorboards. This is where recycled air originates before it is cooled. Watch for any disinfectant drips that are visible near air vents or air vent passages, and wipe up as needed with dry rag.

Continue to spray disinfectant using different blower settings and all intake vents until spray disinfectant is depleted use whole can or bottle . Allow car to air out, then check to see if smell is gone. Keep in mind that there are other areas in which offending odor can originate deeper within system.

If smell persists, it is highly likely that automakers have made evaporator canister on your car extremely small with tightly spaced cooling fins. While this increases its efficiency, it also makes canister highly prone to capture moisture which will not evaporate. Extinguish any remaining smell by repeating disinfectant procedure, spraying disinfectant into all intake vents using all blower speeds, then allowing blower to remain on in high position with car engine off for 30 minutes.

Repeat this procedure several times so that evaporator canister becomes completely dry and thoroughly coated with disinfectant.

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How to Fix Bad Smell in Air Conditioner of Car

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